The Hendo 500

On Sunday I drove up to Daytona from or Orlando, to a lot sesh to shoot pictures. What I didn’t know was that it was a birthday sesh for a Daytona stunt rider who goes by @hendofosho, which also falls on the same day as the Daytona 500. Thus, the Hendo 500 was born.

@hendofosho with the fire

There were two stunt teams there, the Legacy Stunters and the Orlando Alliance, and a lot of the heavy hitters from all over central Florida.

@brandonmalott98 of the Legacy Stunters
@nasteenatestunts, @madmikeonthebike, and @jarvis_stunts of the Orlando Alliance

I will have to say beyond all the amazing riders, it was definitely on of the coolest days I’ve ever had in the lot. We had the good year blimp over head all day, flyover by president trump in Air Force One, and two flybys made by the Thunderbirds.

The Goodyear blimp

@travisthewheeliekid is fresh back for dealing with health issues and enjoying time with his new born. He was out there putting in that work to progress.

@travisthewheeliekid rolling one

@ldplogan was making it known that he was running for mayor of Scrap City all day. The kid was killing it.

@ldplogan leaning way back

What can I say about @rogerthatstunts? This man was killing the lot. He was definitely in his bag, and was blast to shoot.

All smiles from @rogerthatstunts

@dalemoto636 can make you dizzy with circle wheelies. And the combos? You don’t know about the combos.

@dalemoto636 showing us what handbrakes do

@sean_too_tall and I have never spoke a word but, I fuck with this dude. He had me geeking all day and definitely pushed me to get more comfortable behind the lens. If your reading this Sean, thanks man.

@sean_too_tall coming in hot

@stevestunts was killing the combos, and gave me what has become my favorite shot of the day.

@stevestunts with that up close stall

@chuckmalott of the Legacy Stunters was out most of the day ripping his sportster but I caught him taking a lap on a grom have a blast.

@chuckmalott living the grom life

@jarvi_stunts always puts down an awesome show and it’s killer to see him and the Orlando Alliance guys it the lot pushing.

@jarvis_stunts sliding his beercan

It’s never a dull moment with @madmikeonthebike of the Orlando Alliance, doing his thing. The mans no hand game is out of this world.

@madmikeonthebike with cross

@nasteenatestuns of the Orlando Alliance is nothing but skill when it comes to riding. He extremely technical in all of his moves and it’s always blast to shoot.

@nasteenatestunts with that mean foot drag

I did make it out of the lot without catch a couple of the riders names, and I hate that because they were shredding just as hard as everyone else. If any of my readers see this pleas drop me a line and let me know who they are.

Rider: Unknow
Do you know this stunt rider

With out further smoke blowing, here are the rest of my shots from the rest of the Hendo 500.

Thanks for checking out my shots from this weekend. I hope you enjoyed them and feel free to share our site with others who will.

Tampa Supercross

This past Saturday afternoon, I spent the evening at Raymond James Stadium. I was there to watch the monster energy series AMA Supercross. It never seem as competitive until your there, watching not only the riders but the fans who support them.

Doesn’t look much like an NFL stadium to me

Watching Eli Tomac and Shane McElrath work there way to the W was nothing less than spectacular. All of these athletes train year round for there shoot at the championship, and there dedication is nothing less than amazing.

Tomac taking the win

Eli Tomac has proved that he is a force to be reckoned with on the track, and watching his outside pass of Adam Cianciarulo showed just how much skill he holds.

Tomac murdering the sand section

Rider Shane McElrath didn’t do anything but show dominance to the rest of the track his entire final. I mean the speed this kid has is unreal on a 250.

McElrath number 12 leading out the gate

His skill level is through the rough from start to finish. It’s almost like the further into a race he gets more control he has.

McElrath setting himself up for a scrub

Another cool site was Malcom Stuart racing Tampa. Although starting strong, he ended up taking eighth in the 450 main.

Malcom coming through the sand like a mad man

All in all, it was a bout as good of an evening as anyone could ask for. Here’s some more shots from the day.

Saturday Stunt Show With The Orlando Alliance

The Orlando Alliance Lineup 2020

This past Saturday I made the drive from Orlando down to Lakeland Florida to check out a stunt show, put on by the Orlando Alliance Stunt team. It was a blood drive, at a shop called Stripped Down Motorsports.

Orlando Alliance

I had contacted one of the riders @nasteenatestunts, and told him I had got a new camera and was trying to figure it out. He said it would be cool to try it down there, and I’m stoked I did.

My new Nikon

It’s always a good thing to see kids enjoy a stunt show, but it’s even cooler to see how happy they are to ride.

@madmikeonthebike giving out go kart rides

Here’s some of the content I picked up on Saturday.

@madmikeonthebike in total control
@nasteenatestunts getting ready for round 2
@jarvis_stunts staging up
Stripped Down Motorsports had quite the selection of used bikes, check them out
Riders tent
Stripped Down Motosports shop
@nasteenatestunts throws down the circle wheelies
@madmikeonthebike letting it eat
@madmikeonthebike is an animal
@nasteenatestunts coming in hot
@madmikeonthebike surfing through Saturday
@jarvis_stunts making it look easy
Just a couple of homies burning one
Ya know doing FZ stuff
@madmikeonthebike got rollers for days
@jarvis_stunts making it look easy
When @madmikeonthebike gives you that look
Thanks again Stripped Down Motorsports for the awesome event

Huge shoutout to the Orlando Alliance guys for letting play with my new toys and learn somethings. We hope to have all you guys out for the Ride the 540 Street Takeover in October. I look forward to seeing you guys again.

Thanks for checking out my content. I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more Motorsports shenanigans, and keep an eye out for The Goon Platoon, coming to a lot near you!

Let’s Get This Joint Rolling

Thanks for checking out my site. If you enjoy a good shitshow your in for a treat.

I’m just a guy from a small town, who loves doing shit that maybe I shouldn’t. But, what’s life without some risk?

I grew on a dirtbike. Everyday for years. That turned into four wheelers, which turned to cars and trucks, which evolved into street bikes, etc, etc.

I’m a mechanic by trade, and I’m about to finish the Harley Davidson program at M.M.I. Orlando.

I’ve held one thing true in my life time, and that’s stock sucks. Make it faster, tougher, cooler, just don’t leave that shit stock.

So now that you have some background on me, I guess I should explain the flyer. I am putting together my first group ride. Luckily I’m not the only one getting my cherry popped the first weekend in October, because Roanoke has never seen a ride like this before, and I have the feeling the city may feel a bit fucked after this is over.

In eight days, I went from picking a date, to about a hundred followers on social media, seven sponsors, two videographer, and my phone hasn’t stopped fucking ringing

If our turnout is half the people who have reached out, then we’re going to have a huge stunt ride in the streets. Street bikes, four wheelers, dirt bikes, pedal bikes, so long as you can stay out of the next riders way, come on.

Because of the nature of this ride, I know the dealing with cops is going to be giving. On the low end I’m looking at myself and riders getting tickets, having there vehicle taken, and getting arrested. But I’m in the process of working out a sponsorship from a traffic lawyer and a bail bondsmen, who with also assists with well, what they help with.

Our main goal is to bring the stunt riders in Virginia, and everywhere else together, to get footage in a city where no ones ever done it, and produce a good high quality short film when it’s over.

It is ride at your own risk but we in the 540 firmly believe in the no man left behind policy.

The three pictures are my first three flyers, but it’s past time to make a new one with all of the rides sponsors.

If you like doing hoodrat shit with your hoodrat friends, you should come out to Roanoke Virginia the first weekend in October and throw down. If not stay tuned in, and I will keep you posted every step of the way.

Thanks for reading, HoodRat Henry

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